New RAW software boosts StyleShoots image quality


We are proud to announce that StyleShoots now shoots RAW, which means all your images will be even sharper, richer and more color accurate. In addition to JPEG and PNG, StyleShoots now also saves TIFF and CR2 files suitable for advanced post-processing and print.

Re-imagined image processing

We’ve been working hard transforming the entire image processing pipeline to be based on RAW files. Instead of using pre-processed JPEG files, we now take the original Canon RAW files and pass them through a multitude of processes to achieve a whole new level of image quality.

The process starts with two RAW photos – one with the backlight on and one with the backlight off. The RAW files are then converted to TIFF format with all the correct color and sharpness settings applied. We then correct for lens chromatic aberration, making sure high contrast edges stay clean and sharp. Both files are then fed into Auto Alpha which analyses every pixel to create an extremely precise transparency mask.

The result is saved as a JPG and a full size PNG, but can now also be saved as a high quality TIFF with the alpha mask in a separate channel. For those who want a completely untouched file for manual processing, the original Canon CR2 file can be saved as well.

All the heavy processing happens in the background, so you can keep working while StyleShoots crunches pixels.

TIFF and CR2 export presets at your fingertips

In the iPad app you’ll notice two new default Export Presets. In addition to the JPEG (now set to 300 PPI) and PNG, you can now also enable TIFF and CR2.

  • TIFF is in many ways just like the PNG, but larger. Many prefer this file type, but in most cases the PNG actually offers the same quality in a more effectively compressed package.
  • CR2 is Canon’s RAW image file format. It is completely untouched and requires software like Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture to process and view it.

Better for everyone

Even if you choose to not save the TIFF or CR2 files, you still get all the benefits of the new RAW software. Your JPEGs and PNGs will never look the same.


Cropped and scaled section of the PNG file. Lens was zoomed in all the way.


100% detail view of the same PNG image. In what year was Garcia Jeans established..?

For Pro users: Viewing the TIFF in Photoshop

StyleShoots images require no post processing. However, some advanced users crave for more editing options to do advanced color matching, print layouts and mask editing.

You can edit the transparency of you image without deleting any information.

  1. When you first open the file, you see it without transparency, due to the way Photoshop interprets non-pre multiplied alpha channels.
  2. In the Channels panel you see the alpha mask stored as a fifth channel. Ctrl-click the channel to turn it into a selection.
  3. Go back to the Layers panel and click the Layer Mask icon at the bottom of the panel to apply the selection as a mask.
  4. To edit the alpha mask alone, hold down Alt/Option while clicking the layer mask. The black areas of the alpha mask make the image appear transparent, and the white areas show the image at full opacity.
  5. To reduce transparency of an area, you can simply paint with white on the mask to bring back the color. To increase transparency, paint with black. To do this more gently, you can use the Dodge/Burn tools.
  6. Alt/Option-click the mask again in the Layers panel to return to view the result.

If you need a product in another color, but don’t have it available at the photo studio, there is plenty of pixel information to do this by for instance adding a Hue/Saturation filter.

Just the beginning

This is only the start. Taking StyleShoots to RAW lays a strong foundation on which we will continue to build to deliver what StyleShoots is all about – making product photography easier, faster, better.

The new software will be rolling out to all customers on maintenance contract within the coming weeks. Start today by updating your iPad app via the App Store.

Anders Jorgensen