China's e-commerce explosion

China now has 564 million internet users according to CNNIC, China’s official web registry regulator. 420 million are surfing the web via mobile devices. A staggering number considering that the total number of internet users in the whole of EU was 368 million in June 2012.

242 million are active e-commerce shoppers. The infographics illustrate the explosive growth seen during the last years (source:

A large part of e-commerce sales are fashion related. And despite the explosive domestic growth in China, several of the larger e-commerce players are extending the battleground to the rest of the globe.

“The English-language website ( of Jingdong Mall, China’s largest B2C e-commerce company, went online in October 2012. Supporting delivery to 35 countries, it offers nearly 400,000 products to overseas customers in North America, Western Europe and Australia.”(source:

For the rest of the world, these are exciting times of even closer collaboration, stretching even further around the globe than ever before.

At StyleShoots we are proud to be part of China’s e-commerce growth. Our partner Catwalk88 has just opened the doors to a gorgeous showroom in the Shenzhen. Long known as the tech capital of China, it is quickly emerging as the main economic growth motor of China.

“It has so much money they’ve even built a new Eiffel Tower in a theme park called Window of the World.” (source:

If you happen to be in Shenzhen, or are having an e-commerce site of your own, you should pay Catwalk88 a visit.

+86 158 2076 8295

21st Floor Tower B, Chinto Technology Building

1079 Minzhi Road

Longhua New District, Shenzhen

“Go west” was not only a Village People song, but used to also be the mantra for European companies who wanted to make it big. Maybe the mantra should be “Go east” instead?


Anders Jorgensen