New software for all StyleShoots customers

Since we introduced StyleShoots to the market in September last year, it has been hugely successful, gaining interest from media around the world and helping our customers speed up their time to market, while skipping the hassle of post-processing their photos.

Today we announce the release of a new software version containing major stability improvements and adding new features.

New in May’ 12 release

✔ Auto Alpha cuts no corners

White balance calibration is more accurate, making sure your whites stay crisp and colors stand true to reality. Edges are cleaner, with advanced extra filtering of each color channel. As a consequence, semi-transparent and light products now look better than ever.

✔ Flexible-file_naming

It is now possible to use the popular underscore (_) and dash (-) in file names. To free up these characters, StyleShoots now uses thilde (~) and plus (+) for internal naming.

✔ Ready, steady, Zooooooom

The new software is prepared to handle the Zoom add-on. When a customer opts for the motorized Zoom option, the software will be ready.

✔ Eh… help?

If you ever get unexpected results, it’s now easy to share with our support team. Just export using @support as the file name, and a .zip file will be made containing all info we need to determine the cause. Pictures say more than words, also when talking to support.

✔ Staying connected

The connection between iPad and StyleShoots has been completely rewritten to be more stable and auto-recover from any lost signals. iPad and embedded system are continuously checking on each other (Hey, are you there? Yep! etc…).

✔ Sleepy table

This one was tricky. Was it the cleaner who turned on the table during the night? Ghosts? Rodents even? Luckily, it was simpler than that. Due to a sneaky bug, the iPad in some cases could wake up the table during the night. Those days are over now.

StyleShoots now has a sleep function too. So if nobody uses the table for a while, it will shut down by itself. No need to turn the iPad off in a special way.

✔ General bug fixes

In addition to the above, a long list of tweaks have been made to give StyleShoots users a happier and smoother experience.

How do you get it?

This latest software update is free for all StyleShoots customers. It requires an update of the iPad app and the embedded system inside the table.

If you are a StyleShoots customer, our support team will contact you to guide you through the process.

This is the first of many upcoming software enhancements to StyleShoots. The development team would like to thank all our customers for their ongoing valuable feedback.


Head of Product Development

Anders Jorgensen