Complexity of a photo studio

When doing photography, there are a lot of factors to consider before the actual photograph can be taken. The lights, the reflectors, and the lens are the main variables to consider. Each variable has to be perfect according to the environment and photo being aimed for. For each of these variables, there are more than one or two alternatives, and each alternative needs to be considered carefully when setting up a photography studio. For example, there are various types of lights: hot light, cold light and warm light or various reflectors: lamp reflectors or board reflectors.

Setting up a studio with the correct variables is a time consuming task, extending the time of having the final photographs.  It also should be noted that if photographs are taken in such a situation, a professional with the expertise in the subject is hired making the project expensive. Furthermore, if companies decide to have an in-house studio, these variables add up to an additional cost. Another aspect to consider is photo consistency for the website, most retailers want the photographs of their various apparel designs to be in the same position, with the same lighting and that might get difficult with the variables that we need to consider during photography.

That’s why we came up with StyleShoots. It’s a high quality, innovative and cost effective device for apparel photography.

Anders Jorgensen