How to photograph hundreds of kids clothes a day


Recently launched its webshop for quality second-hand kids clothing. VintyKids accepts crisp brand clothing from thousands of users who send it in free in special VintyKids bags. VintyKids then photographs the clothes beautifully and resells them online. Revenue is split 50/50 with users, giving everybody a fair share.

It’s a beautifully simple concept that is processing thousands of articles per month, makings loads of parents and kids happy all over The Netherlands.

With thousands of products to process, photography is a crucial bottleneck in the logistics chain. But because of StyleShoots, product photography has become a competitive advantage for VintyKids. To cope with the massive quantities and get the best quality possible, VintyKids has invested in multiple StyleShoots machines, running full hours every day.


Photos are kept consistent by using the Overlay feature on StyleShoots and tailored guidelines. So photos on are nicely aligned and looking fresh. The high resolution of the photography reassures buyers that their clothing does not have any rips, tears, stains, pilling, fading, or any other signs of wear.

Photos are uploaded directly to a home-grown backend where each item is categorized, quality rated, color coded and named. After photography and processing, each item is packed and labeled, ready to be shipped to a new family.

Our customers want instant proof that the clothes they will purchase are like new. The output quality, stability and speed of StyleShoots is crucial for the VintyKids machine to operate smoothly and be able to cope with the hundreds of items we receive and process every day.
— Inge Heringa, Chief Mom at

After each item is photographed and uploaded to the site, they are stored in a central logistics center for rapid distribution. has many employees taking care of photography. For the business to scale rapidly, it’s been vital that StyleShoots is so easy to use. A new employee can be photographing at full speed within minutes of them joining the team.

There are zero retouchers working at VintyKids. StyleShoots automatically cuts out the product in seconds and delivers images ready directly for use in the webshop. So customers are browsing amazing photos online just minutes after the products enter the logistics center.

Check out and watch the rapid flow of new items rushing in!

Anders Jorgensen