British Journal of Photography features StyleShootsw

The British Journal of Photography (BJP), respected trade journal of the photographic industry in the UK since 1854, has this month published an in-depth article about StyleShoots and it’s role in the changing face of product photography and it’s place in ecommerce and modern retailing.


Here is a brief snippet:

“It’s about producing a fast turnaround but still maintaining quality. The majority of e-commerce professionals still manually cut out the object from the background in Photoshop. StyleShoots tackled this problem head on and came up with a solution. It’s wow factor is the clear, crisp automated background removal, taking away the need for manual processing. There is nothing else on the market that sets out to remove the background and isolate the product [in this way].”

Check out the October issue of the magazine which is on newsstands now!

Anders Jorgensen