What Images to you prefer when shopping online?

Many customers are reluctant to purchase clothing online since they are not able to try on and see its fitting. To make the process simpler and easier for the customers to determine if the apparel will suit them, many retailers use both mannequin/model apparel images and flat apparel images. Both these types of images have their pros and cons; for model/mannequin image allows the customer to clearly see the fit of the clothing, and how it would look on the person. However, since not all customers are of the same size as the model/mannequin, having just this type of image is not always clear for the customer.

To complement the fitted apparel images, many retailers use flat images also. These images provide great detail about the apparel (it is possible to zoom in and out on specific parts – button, ribbon-s and the colour of the apparel is shown better), and they also show the stitched shape of the apparel. Most customers know what kind of fall/shape of the clothing suits them best, and the flat images provides a clear image of the shape of the apparel.

Another reason to why both types of images are used, is because when the garment is on a mannequin/model the customers attention is diverted from the clothing to face of the mannequin/model and thus the clothing misses a chance for sale. For example, many companies use flat images as the primary image on their website, and if you want to see a mannequin/model image you need to open the particular design.

Although using both mannequin/model and flat images will satisfy more prospective customers, taking two types of images for one design gets expensive for companies and thus sometimes a trade off needs to be made. However, for companies wanting to manage their costs efficiently and effectively, StyleShoots should be considered.

Anders Jorgensen