Sparkling Eyes with that Holiday Surprise

Holiday seasons bring in significant amount of business for stores. During Christmas, Diwali or Eid gift exchanges between family members is a common practice in many parts of the world. The problem: figuring out what present is appropriate, within your budget and will be liked by the other. There is that immense excitement that builds during the holiday days after being ready with all the gifts for your loved ones.

In the past years, holiday seasons have brought a rise in online sales, and it has been predicted that this Christmas also will be the same. When holiday season is not around the corner, customers can wander through stores take their own time in picking and finding the product that suits them best. However, jam-packed stores during holiday season make it difficult to do that. So why go out and get pushed around when you can compare and shop in the comfort of your home or office? People find some incredible deals online and have them delivered to their home rather than pushing their way through busy stores. This becomes more tempting to do when retailers offer free shipping. Time is also an issue; stores are only open at certain times, but the Internet is available 24/7 giving customers more flexibility.

This year in the United States, retailers have started advertising weeks ahead of the Christmas holiday season with affordable deals and improved websites to make it more easily accessible. A day called “Cyber Monday”- Monday after Thanksgiving, has been introduced in the United States where online retailers offer remarkable online deals just in time for the Christmas gift shopping. At this point, retailers need pictures quickly, and thus low lead times are beneficial for them otherwise planning of these kind of big sales needs to start even earlier than they already do. StyleShoots was created for reducing the lead times of getting images for the retailers and thus comes in handy at times like these.

Anders Jorgensen