The photo should be cheaper than the product

We all know photography can increase company costs. Some costs include: hourly labour charges of photographers and logistics of the goods from warehouse to photography studio which not only increases costs, but also increases the time before the retailers receive their final images. Moreover, it takes a long time editing the images to make them suitable for putting them on web or catalogues. This causes inconvenience to retailers as they are restricted and have to wait a number of days before the photographs reach them, increasing lead-time.  Year by year, companies’ pay these high wages because they need pictures of their products and they can rely on these photographers for impeccable quality. But that’s it since companies cannot rely on professionals to deliver images quickly slowing down their internal processes. Companies spend excessive funds for capturing photographic images of their products for displaying them not only on their web-shops but for their internal use as well. Photographs are needed at every step in firms.

StyleShoots provides a solution to expensive photographers and doesn’t require professionals to take the pictures since it’s so simple to use. StyleShoots can be understood and learnt by a person from any field fairly easily, and thus professional photographers need not be hired at all. It also reduces the time in which photographs are finalized, and thus it gives retailers the flexibility and convenience to have the photographs whenever they require and reducing lead times.

With all the advantages, acquiring StyleShoots is a cost-effective proposition.   As the graph shows the initial cost of StyleShoots is much less than the yearly cost of a professional photographer and sequentially the cost of photography decreases, as we do not require a high skilled employee to work with StyleShoots. This new machine has been able to reduce photography costs and lead times and increase profitability considerably as acknowledged by our various valued customers such as Piet Zoomers, Better Rich, The Baird Group, Kaufhaus Stolz, Sportler, State of Art, Garcia Jeans and more.

Anders Jorgensen