File Handling

Naming conventions

Your exported images are saved to their target volume (USB or StyleShoots Drive) with a specific naming format.

Here are two examples:






Name entered in the Name screen:



Category selected:



Duplicate counter (if needed)

this file is not duplicate

this is the first duplicate

preset name:



file type:



Locating your photos

Your StyleShoots files are exported to your external storage device within the following folder levels:
        Target volume
             ↳ STYLESHOOTS
                ↳ subfolder 
                    ↳ file
To locate a file, simply open the STYLESHOOTS folder on your storage device and open the folder where the file is saved.

USB storage device

StyleShoots comes with a USB stick that you can use when exporting your photos. You can also use other USB storage devices with StyleShoots.

StyleShoots Drive

If your StyleShoots is set in Network Mode, you can export to the internal StyleShoots Drive.

StyleShoots Drive can be set up to be accessible via your company network.

If you occasionally need to take a few pictures that shouldn't be available via the network, just insert a USB device and export your photos there instead.

Network Mode

StyleShoots must be connected to the internet to provide full support and enable remote software updates. Network mode can be set up to enable basic remote file access over your company network. To activate this feature, our support team will coordinate and activate the company­ specific configuration with your IT technician.

Your StyleShoots will let you export to StyleShoots Drive, an internal shared volume that can be accessed from other computers on your local network. On Mac OS X you can use the Finder while on Windows you can use Explorer to browse StyleShoots Drive. Once you have connected your computer to StyleShoots Drive, you have full access to your folders and photos stored on StyleShoots.

For increased speed and ease ­of ­use, just copy or drag and drop folders and photos that have been completed to your own local disk.

Note: There is no safeguard against multiple people working on the same files and folders on StyleShoots Drive.

Technical Requirements

To ensure proper functionality, some technical requirements need to be met in your IT configuration. Please propose the list below to your IT technician to prevent difficulties when configuring StyleShoots Network Mode.

Please discuss any comments and/or problems you encounter with StyleShoots support to clarify possibilities or workarounds.

  1. StyleShoots is permanently connected through an Ethernet cable to the internal company network.
  2. StyleShoots is/can be updated to run the latest software release via the internet.
  3. StyleShoots’ internal network and router configuration is not customized.
  4. StyleShoots’ internal router is allowed to open up Network ports to allow incoming connections to the internal Mac Mini computer. Restricted access to these incoming ports from inside and outside the companies LAN is your IT concern.
  5. StyleShoots can communicate with the target Desktop computers without traffic being blocked by possible internal Firewalls and/or Proxy servers. These need to be configured to allow both or either one of the following protocols:
    1. Apple Filing Protocol,
      (AFP, TCP port 548,
    2. Windows File Sharing, 
      (SMB, TCP port 445,
  6. StyleShoots’ internal security is solely based on standard Apple OSX file sharing. For access, a separate (single) username and password combination will be provided to be used by all users. This gives both read and write rights to these users.
  7. StyleShoots must be under an active maintenance contract.