File Handling

Locating your videos and photos

Your StyleShoots files are exported to your storage destination within the following folder structure:

       Target volume
           ↳ Export folder
               ↳ Preset folder
                   ↳ Product name
                       ↳ files

Naming conventions

Your exported images are saved to their target volume - StyleShoots Drive or a USB device - with a specific naming format and folder structure.

In the following sections are examples of the file and folder structure for video and photo exports. To better understand the examples, here is an explanation of each element in the file path:

Target volume is either StyleShoots Drive or an external USB device.
Export folder is the folder you create or pick during the Export process.
Preset folder reflects the name you entered under Folder Name within the export preset.
Product name is the name of the product featured in the photo or video. The name can be something you typed or a barcode you scanned when creating an outfit.
Files are the video and photo files themselves.

Meta Data

StyleShoots Live automatically adds the following meta data tags to all photos and videos exported from the system:

StyleShoots Model - The model selected while making a new Outfit.
StyleShoots Products - The product names or barcodes within the image.
StyleShoots Framing - Framing preset used to capture a still photo (photos only).
StyleShoots Aspect Ratio - The aspect ratio of the file.
StyleShoots Preset - Name of the photo or video preset used to make the file.
StyleShoots VideoTemplate - Name of the video template used (videos only).
StyleShoots Copyright - Your brand name (added with assistance of our support team).
StyleShoots Equipment - Product (StyleShoots Live) and serial number (i.e.: SL-001).


Tags are added in two ways:

IPTC Keyword (XMP Subject)

All tags are added as a comma separated string of key-value pairs, making them viewable in the "Keywords" field of most image viewers.

TIP: On macOS the Keywords field is indexed by Spotlight. Access Spotlight by pressing cmd+space and search for a tag – for instance a product name.

To see the tags embedded in a file, select the file in Finder and type cmd+i to see the Info panel. The Keywords section shows all the tags.

Custom XMP tags 

Keywords and values are added as XMP entries in the file's raw data and can be parsed by third party software if set up correctly.



where "StyleShootsAspectRatio" is the tag and "2_3" is the value.

Video Naming

Example of video naming and folder structure:

      Target volume
           ↳ Export folder
               ↳ Preset folder
                   ↳ Product name
                       ↳ file.extension

Photo Naming

Photo naming is similar to video naming, but with a few additions:

_framing is the name of the framing preset that was used when taking the photo. This makes it easy to quickly find the right file.
_n is a number extension when there are multiple photos taken of the same product with the same framing.

Example of photo naming and folder structure:

    Target volume
           ↳ Export folder
               ↳ Preset folder
                   ↳ Product name
                       ↳ files_framing_n.extension

Note: Untagged photos are placed in a separate subfolder named Untagged instead of a Product name folder. This occurs when the camera was aimed at a region where no product has been tagged during the outfit creation process.

Smart Photo Duplication

If a photo contains multiple tagged products within it, that photo will appear within each product's sub folder. This ensures that whichever product folder you look in, all the images of that product will be available to you.

StyleShoots Drive

If your StyleShoots is set in Network Mode, you can export to the internal StyleShoots Drive.

StyleShoots Drive can be set up to be accessible via your company network.

If you occasionally need to take a few pictures that shouldn't be available via the network, just insert a USB device and export your photos there instead.

Note: StyleShoots Drive has a limited amount of storage space. Remember to clear StyleShoots Drive and move files to an external storage drive on a regular basis.

USB storage device

You can plug an external USB storage device into StyleShoots and have your files exported directly to it.

Network Mode

StyleShoots must be connected to the internet to provide full support and enable remote software updates. Network mode can be set up to enable basic remote file access over your company network. To activate this feature, our support team will coordinate and activate the company­ specific configuration with your IT technician.

Your StyleShoots will let you export to StyleShoots Drive, an internal shared volume that can be accessed from other computers on your local network. On Mac OS X you can use the Finder while on Windows you can use Explorer to browse StyleShoots Drive. Once you have connected your computer to StyleShoots Drive, you have full access to your folders and photos stored on StyleShoots.

For increased speed and ease ­of ­use, just copy or drag and drop folders and photos that have been completed to your own local disk.

Note: There is no safeguard against multiple people working on the same files and folders on StyleShoots Drive.