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Photo and video equipment for fashion e-commerce

Content Creation Machines


StyleShoots Live

Create stunning footage of your models for web, social media and signage in minutes. Stills. Video. All in one smart studio. 

StyleShoots Horizontal & Vertical

Create instant, perfect flat lay and mannequin product shots for eCommerce with automatic background removal. 


StyleShoots saves time and money

From big eCommerce retailers like Zulily and Zalando to family owned brands like Reischmann, our customers use StyleShoots machines to turbo-charge their content production at a fraction of the time and cost. 

Hundreds of customers. Millions of photos. Thousands saved. 



Shoot handbags, shoes — you name it. Custom LED backlighting removes the background in-shot so you can get great up-close images. 


Move, rotate and lock mannequins into place. Our proprietary tech removes the visible caddy automatically in-shot so you don't have to worry about editing it out. 


Modular, sleek and made for Vertical. Our range of premium mannequins give you the perfect invisible man effect product shot. 

Invisible man effect with less post production

With removable modules that magnetically lock into place, StyleShoots' range of ghost/invisible mannequins are designed to create the hollow man effect with extreme ease.

Made for Vertical. Can be used in any studio.