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Photo and video equipment for fashion e-commerce

Learn how to photograph clothes


From hands-on styling advice to tips on improving your studio workflow, these fashion product photography tutorials are designed to help you style pro quality images of your clothes and accessories for your web store.


Ghost/Invisible mannequin styling tutorials

Learn how to achieve an invisible man effect on your clothes with a modular mannequin. All images shot using StyleShoots Vertical.



"We started making these tutorials with the aim of sharing years of knowledge in going to photo studios around the world and teaching them about the value of a well styled product shot.  We hope they're of use to all stylists and clothing photographers working in independent brands, all the way to big retailers." 



Matt Brasier, Global Head of Creative Training


Flat lay styling tutorials

Learn how to photograph and style your products laying flat on a tabletop. All images shot using StyleShoots Horizontal.

General product photography tips and tricks

Learn tips on improving your workflow and all sorts of advice on product photography.