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October 50/50 Campaign:

Pay half now, half next year


Take advantage of this deal to purchase a StyleShoots machine in October 2017
and only pay 50% of the cost up front*. You pay the rest in 2018.

Manage your capital spend and save on your content creation costs. 

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Additional terms of the October 50/50 Campaign

  1. This campaign is an invitation to solicit special payment terms for any StyleShoots machine orders placed within the period of October 4 to October 31. The payment terms shall be payment in 2 installments. The first installment of 50% of the retail price shall be paid upon signing of the agreement. The second installment of 50% shall be paid in March 2018.
  2. Other than the payment terms, StyleShoots’ standard agreement and terms and conditions shall be applicable. Therefore this campaign is also subject to approval on a customer-by-customer basis and may be subject to credit checks to assess the financial capability of the customer.
  3. StyleShoots BV and all authorized partners reserve the right to withdraw this campaign at any moment in time.
  4. This campaign is subject to  availability of stock. We have limited stock of machines and the campaign ends when we are out of stock.
  5. This campaign is not an amendment of existing offers by StyleShoots BV, authorized partners or third parties to a potential customer. This campaign cannot be combined with other campaigns, special terms and conditions or discounts already granted on a case by case basis in an offer.

Lease a StyleShoots machine

Take advantage of StyleShoots technology without affecting your cash flow


Financial leasing benefits explained

Have the up front cost of your machine(s) footed by leasing partners across Europe and the U.S.
Spread your costs over 24 month, 36 month, 48 month or even 60 month plan
The more content you create, the more you increase your monthly return on investment

Get in touch with us and we'll come back to you with more information on financial leasing plans for your region


Buy a StyleShoots machine

The quickest way to add StyleShoots to your digital photo studio


Purchase benefits explained

Have your machine(s) delivered and installed within weeks
Take control of your in-house content production and streamline your costs
Immediately reduce your cost per photo and/or video

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