Lighting Reimagined

Superb colors and intuitive control


With the Light Controller™ feature, photographers and stylists can now for the first time directly manipulate the global balance of light simply by moving their finger over the iPad's Live View. 


Move the Sun with your finger

“It feels as if you're moving the Sun arround”

Gerwin de Haan
StyleShoots CTO


The 2015 editions of our StyleShoots machines come with a world class lighting system built in. The LED based lights deliver industry leading color rendering, long lifespan and a revolutionary new way of interactive control. 


Colorful ∙ Controllable ∙ Efficient



Accurately renders every color in your products.


Ra  91%
R1  95%
R2  93%
R3  85%
R4  93%
R5  93%
R6  85%
R7  93%
R8  95%
R9  89%
R10 80%
R11  90%
R12 64%
R13  94%
R14  90%
R15  96%


Colors are in essence reflected light. Objects throw back certain wavelengths of light which our eyes then see. But for a color to be reflected, it must be emitted in the first place. Inferior light sources often have gaps in their spectrum, meaning certain colors in your product won't be visible at all.

The Rotolight Anova Solo K5600 LED lights in StyleShoots achieve an overall CRI of >90, ensuring the colors in your garments are not only visible, but also accurate. So your customers get what they see on the picture, leading to fewer returns.




The world's first single-touch lighting control.


Eliminating abstractions once and for all.


Traditional lighting setups force you to adjust each light individually. So getting the right look is a process of trial and error. Adjust one light, take a picture, adjust a bit more etc­ until you finally get it right.

StyleShoots has eliminated this layer of abstraction by launching the first commercial system that lets photographers and stylists directly manipulate the global balance of light in one sweep.




Our LEDs use 96% less energy than a standard bulb.


Something about efficiency

Light Composer 5.00_00_57_18.Still001.png

Each LED light in StyleShoots is capable of up to a 3.9kW equivalent output using 96% less energy than a standard tungsten bulb. Such a nimble power consumption helps conserve our environment. 

The low power consumption also leads to substantial operational savings compared to a regular photo studio. And since the lights have virtually no heat emission, you can also leave the air conditioner off.

Lifespan in hours


The LED lights in StyleShoots are rated by Rotolight to last up to 100.000 hours, due to their clever power management and near zero heat emissions. So you won't need to worry about downtime or maintenance.


Award winning


Rethinking studio lighting took intense research and development to ensure the hardware underpinnings were up to the task. For this, StyleShoots turned to multiple award winning light manufacturer Rotolight Ltd

The Pinewood Studios based company has rapidly built a strong reputation in the film and photography industry for it’s accurate color rendering, ease of use and solid build quality. Rotolight Ltd. delivers a custom made version of its flagship Anova floodlight built just for StyleShoots.


The award winning LED lighting comes standard across our product line.


StyleShoots Horizontal

All-in-one flat lay photography machine.

StyleShoots Vertical

All-in-one mannequin photography machine.