An eye-watering feature set


Auto Alpha™.

StyleShoots’ proprietary background removal technology. Multiple shots are taken, assessing over 40 million pixels to create a true alpha transparency mask. 


Color accuracy.

The system calibrates itself to ensure best possible results based on light settings and environmental conditions. Combined with high CRI lights, you get best-in-class images.


Live View.

See a live preview of what your product is going to look like. Use overlays in real time to lay out your shots to achieve maximum consistency and save time on getting the perfect shot.


Barcode scanner.

Scan your tags directly from the iPad. The code becomes part of the file name. You can then set your DAM or CMS to parse the name and put each image in exactly the right spot.


Remote file access.

Every machine comes with a shared storage volume called StyleShoots Drive for your internal network. Transfer files manually or set up scripts to push images to your CMS. 


Batch File Export.

Have your files automatically exported in an infinite amount of customizable presets. In PNG, JPG, TIFF or RAW. Even toggle exports on and off on the fly to match your needs. 


Single point of contact.

If something breaks, our support team can remotely troubleshoot your system and have you back up and running in no time — so you don't lose productivity.


Software updates.

Just like your computer or phone, your StyleShoots machine can get new features and bug fixes via its internet connection. It just keeps getting better over time.