Photo and video equipment for fashion e-commerce

Why join StyleShoots' research and development team?

Since we started building machines in the basement of our building, our dev team has researched and developed everything in-house, from the ground up.

From working on complex video processing algorithms to tinkering with an energy chain that powers moving camera parts - we don't assign roles, we give responsibility. 

What kinds of things you'll be working on

StyleShoots machines have patented hardware and proprietary software. That means you'll be working at the absolute forefront of imaging technology. That could involve:

  • Pushing out code updates to our hundreds of EC2 connected devices at customer sites around the world
  • Working on new image and video processing algorithms - and making existing ones faster, and more powerful
  • Tinkering with robotic arms, conveyor belts, high end SLRs, Made-for-Hollywood LEDs
  • Creating the next generation of the world's most advanced photo and video machines

"The best thing about working here? Oh, the fact I can play around with the latest tech and work on both hardware and software. It's something that's almost impossible to find these days." 

Uros Gardasevic - Systems Architect


What's our team like?

  • Proactive. We're not used to handing out to-do lists - we see what needs fixing, and we fix it. 
  • Curious. We don't care if you're an expert in Swift - all that matters is willingness to get stuck in and learn.
  • Academic. We all come from strong academic backgrounds and have a deep, conceptual understanding of computer science.
  • Laid back. We don't have red tape or bureaucracy - we love what we do and everyone is free to work their own way. 

"Here I have so much flexibility in my work and personal life. Haarlem has 5 beer breweries and it takes me 5 minutes to bike to the coast to spend some time playing at the beach with my wife and child." 

Dr Mathieu Barnachon - Imaging Engineer


Meet the team

Dr Gerwin De Haan

Uros Gardasevic

Dr Mathieu Barnachom