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Photo and video equipment for fashion e-commerce

Customer stories

Mat.Media: High-tech content production in the growing Mexican eCommerce market

Mexican content agency Mat.Media uses StyleShoots machines to pass on cost savings to brands and retailers who need fast, high quality content in a rapidly expanding market


Maxi Sport: Video content made easy at Italy’s premier sports retailer

With video content on social media becoming an increasingly important way to grab hold of attention and sell products, omni-channel sportswear retailer Maxi Sport uses StyleShoots Live to stay ahead of the competition.


Westminster University: Photographing the world's first public menswear archive

Created by fashion designer Andrew Groves, Westminster Menswear Archive holds some of the world's rarest pieces of menswear design from the last century. With StyleShoots machines the pieces can be shot with ease and accuracy. 


Reischmann: Opening a digital window into fashion

How a family owned multi-label retailer brought its products online without compromising on vision. The solution? Creating a 'digital window store' to experience the world of Reischmann with the help of StyleShoots machines.


Zulily: Creating America’s fastest fashion content

How America’s mom-friendly eCommerce outlet Zulily powered up their high scale photography process even further to get thousands of products online a day by using StyleShoots Vertical and Horizontal machines.


PureRED: A factory of fashion photography 

Using StyleShoots as part of a high-scale embedded photography studio to reduce time to market and triple the content output for a leading US retailer.


Zalando: The art of efficiency

In a renovated Berlin train yard, the German fashion retail giant has created a well-oiled content production factory with StyleShoots machines at the heart of it. 


MEI.COM: Bringing luxury to life

Chinese luxury retail behemoth MEI.COM uses StyleShoots machines to bring to life a catalogue of the world’s most sought after brands and products in their flash sales.


Marks & Spencer: Boosting content creation by 4X

UK retailer Marks & Spencer uses its StyleShoots machines for web imagery, visual merchandising and digital signage, and has seen a four times increase in content production as a result of their investment.


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