Large eCommerce Retailers

Zalando: The Art of Efficient Product Photography

How Zalando overhauled its content production and workflow to take thousands of web-ready images a day for their global eCommerce business using StyleShoots Horizontal and StyleShoots Vertical machines.

  • 200,000 products uploaded annually
  • Over 1500 international brands sold via web
  • 300,000 photos taken per year with StyleShoots

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Zulily: Creating America’s Fastest Fashion Content

How America’s mom-friendly eCommerce outlet zulily powered up its high scale photography process even further to get thousands of products online a day by using StyleShoots Vertical and Horizontal machines.

  • 9,000 products shot and uploaded each day
  • Up to 150 shots taken per set compared to 80 previously
  • 4 story content production powerhouse

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Marks & Spencer: Boosting Content Creation Four-fold

How UK retailer M&S uses StyleShoots machines to power the creation of its marketing content for their website, catalogues, and lookbooks.


MEI.COM: Bringing Luxury to Life

How leading luxury retail platform MEI.COM revolutionized the way they produce the most fashionable web content in China with the help of StyleShoots.

"We call this an evolution of product photography, and we are very lucky to be part of this wave to industrialize our photography process."

Read the story Releases Up To 300 New Products A Day With StyleShoots

Leading UK fast fashion retailer uses StyleShoots machines to turn around and photograph new products at lightning speed - publishing up to 300 new on-trend styles per day on its website. Fast fashion at its finest?

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Independent Fashion Brands & Retailers

Reischmann: Opening a Digital Window Into Fashion

How a family owned multi-label retailer brought its products online without compromising on vision. The solution? Creating a 'digital window store' to experience the world of Reischmann with the help of StyleShoots machines.

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Garcia Jeans Photographs with StyleShoots

Dutch Denim brand Garcia Jeans uses StyleShoots Horizontal machines to photograph their collections with speed, precision and efficiency.

Billabong Revolutionize Digital Photo Studio

Billabong is one of the preeminent beach lifestyle brands in the world. Recently it invested in creating a brand new photography studio to ensure that their digital content matches up to the high quality, surf-styled inspiration its loyal customers have come to know and love.

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Service Providers

PureRED: A Factory of Fashion Photography

By incorporating StyleShoots machines into a working distribution centre, marketing agency PureRED was able to cut out a whole step in the logistics of content production. The results? Being able to photograph and upload product shots for their large US retail client with a turnaround time of less than a day.

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